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The greatest thing in the world (Make some more please?)

Adventure Time?

The characters, their mannerisms, and the humor remind me of Adventure Time for some reason............

Captain Planet is pretty powerful...

I think he can beat Goku. BUT he will never be able to beat Hercule Satan.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i think he'd kick young goku's ass, but old goku would just kick him into the sun.

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This..........this sounds like something I've heard from Pikmin 0_0

This is just PERFECT

I was looking for a slow, suspenful scare piece and this is basically perfect. Would it be alright if I used this piece in a scary video project, as long as I correctly site, for my school? Basically this dude keeps having waffles pop up in his house until the waffle murderer kills him. The video is somewhat of a commercial, but only for students at my school to come to a "Waffle Wednesday" for breakfast instead of Panera or something because then the waffle murderer will kill them. I'm not making any money from the breakfast, the proceeds go to my senior service project.

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AWESOME work man!

And you know........if God of War ever reboots with a future setting or something, I could see this guy in that game (Or maybe a Metroid game? Just realized the helmet kinda reminds me of Samus's helmet)

Cute and very well drawn

It's nice to see a picture of a young lady in bed NOT in a suggestive manner, but for once on a much more mature and sensible note (Two young lovers, after a night of passion, wake up on a beautiful, sunny morning. The young lady yawns, stretches her arms, and looks into her boyfriend's eyes with a flash of a smile and a, "Good morning").

Also for those saying the size of the young lady's leg and foot in the foreground is too big, well the size is actually correct because the leg and foot are drawn in the foreground. Imagine Marcus Phoenix is curb-stomping you. If you could thankfully stop time right as his foot falls infront of your face, the foot would be very, very big compared to the rest of his body.

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